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  • Call for expressions of interest (EOI)

    Food 4 Thought — exploring meaningful livelihoods in urban agriculture
    6th Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network (ACFCGN) National Conference
    Hobart, 21-23 March 2014

    • Friday 21 March – (Afternoon only) school and community garden tours and casual evening gathering
    • Saturday 22 March – Conference format with gathering dinner and party in the evening (additional cost to attend)
    • Sunday 23 March – Conference format with keynotes, practical workshops and open space sessions

    Closing date for EOI

    Closing date to submit your EOI session outline is 5pm, on 17 February 2014.

    Complete the EOI submission form online

    The 6th ACFCGN National Gathering continues the tradition of bringing together people active in community gardening and in developing school gardens for education, to share their experience and to map a course into the future where these initiatives play a leading role in developing our sustainable towns and cities.

    The ACFCGN invites members of community gardens, school gardens, urban agriculture practitioners, small-scale farmers, health and community centre workers, local government and sustainable food advocates as well as researchers to participate in Food 4 Thought, to be held at Ogilvie High School, Newtown on the 21-23 March 2014.

    The overall theme for this year’s conference is:
    Exploring meaningful livelihoods in urban agriculture

    This theme is an exciting opportunity to explore how urban agriculture can provide meaningful and feasible livelihoods for people, so it’s not only a voluntary roll or hobby that occurs in spare moments.

    Our hope is that this conference will inspire people to see the true potential of agriculture activities within and close to towns and cities through growing food, policy development, education and celebrating the transformation of our cities and towns into productive, people-centred spaces.

    The ACFCGN is seeking thought-provoking workshops and discussion topics from people planning to attend the gathering; ranging from growing food in schools and community gardens to wider discussions about creating community, food sovereignty and food security and to the role of these community-based enterprises in developing a sustainable food scape in our towns and cities.

    In essence, this years’ conference celebrates the growth of an ecologically-inspired community movement around Australia and draws from inspiration across the globe. We are witnessing a phenomenon that is no longer a mere concept, but the working basis for a realistic, sustainable way of life.

    We understand that big ideas begin with little steps just as any garden is essentially created… one lettuce at a time.

    Session themes

    The conference consists of 3 key themes and we encourage people to address one of these themes when submitting their concepts for a workshop,  talk, or round table session. However if you feel you don’t fit into one of these categories we’d still like to hear from you!

    • Education: in the school and in the community
    • Growing food: in your urban home, community spaces and on the farm
    • Partnerships: working with peak bodies including businesses, local government and leading bodies in your region.

    Session timing and formats

    Each session is 45 minutes long and can consist of either:

    • hands-on workshop — this could be located in the nearby community garden
    • presentation of your project or idea that might include multiple presenters and/or a panel discussion
    • round table discussion circles for  small groups. 2 presenters with 20 minutes for each presenter. Presenters will be linked with similar themes at each table.

    Double sessions  (1 1/2 hours) will also be considered.

    Closing date for EOI

    Closing date to submit your EOI session outline is 5pm, on 17 February 2014.

    Complete the EOI submission form online

    If you would like a Word file to be sent to complete your EOI, contact the Food 4 Thought event team at:

    Email us for the EOI Word file

    When will program go live?

    All applications will be reviewed and successful applications will be uploaded to the Food 4 Thought website after Monday 24 February 2014.

    Thanks for contributing

    As a community-based, unfunded organisation seeking to keep costs low, we are not in a financial position in which we can offer complimentary tickets to presenters. As in past conferences, we are structuring this as a gathering of colleagues, working on a common endeavor in a community of practice.  We thank you for your contribution and look forward to hearing from all the great thinkers and change agents in the community!

    Warm regards,
    Food 4 Thought Team



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