Bonnie and Harry Wykman

  • Bonnie and Harry Wykman (brother and sister team) are founding members of the Black Earth Workers’ Collective, a worker owned and managed business dedicated to creating self-managed, regenerative livelihoods. Both are experienced compost-makers, gardeners and educators.

    Over the past 8 years, as the principle workers of Peacetree Permaculture and The Compost Tea Company, they have collaborated on permaculture design and edible landscaping projects for domestic, government and commercial clients, the coordination of a community garden in a low socio-economic suburb of Perth and the delivery of workshops centred on permaculture design, food gardening and wholefood cooking and fermentation.

    Most recently Bonnie and Harry have completed an internship with Jodi Roebuck of Taranaki, Aoteroa New Zealand to further develop their skills and interest in biointensive gardening, a method of gardening focused on truly sustainable production of human needs, especially nutrition.

    Jodi Roebuck is the only teacher offering courses in biointensive gardening in Australasia to have trained with John Jeavons at Ecology Action, California where the biointensive method was and is being developed. This method of food production was formed from a synthesis of the french intensive methods and biodynamics and has been being developed and researched by the staff of ecology action for the past 30 years.

    The goal of Ecology Action is to develop a method of intensive food production that provide humans with adequate calories and nutrients whilst conserving land and resources. It has formed as a serious response to increasing human population, peak oil, food insecurity and declining arable land to produce as much food in a small space whilst building, rather than depleting soil fertility.