A look back at the 5th ACFCGN gathering—Sydney 2012

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  • October 2, 2012 at 9:37 am
  • New tools to improve your practice of permaculture come along far too seldom

    Eco-topia media release 25 September 2012

    New tools to improve your practice of community and school gardening, as well as permaculture  in the community, come along far too seldom.

    That’s why the opportunity to learn from leading community and school garden practitioners at  Eco-topia—the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network’s 5th National Gathering—is too good to miss. It’s also why the chance to learn about placemaking from one of Australia’s leading practitioners of the skill offers you a rare opportunity.

    Placemaking offers us the opportunity to bring a fresh, new, participatory approach to working with communities in a process of people-led design. Whether you are helping to start a new community garden, leading the design process for a permablitz remake of someone’s backyard into something edible and beautiful, or working with a group to recreate a space as an interesting, vital place, placemaking is a proven and innovative approach.

    The placemaking workshop at the 5th National Gathering of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network will be led by David Engwicht, the man who invented the Walking School Bus, an innovation that went viral worldwide.

    The Seed Savers’ Network’s Jude and Michel Fanton will be here too. They will discuss Dr Vandana Shiva’s Seed Freedom program to ensure we have continued access to the seed of the plants we and gardeners and farmers worldwide grow.

    Following the Fantons, Sydney local seed educator, Jane Mowbray will lead a workshop on practical seed saving and the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance will introduce their People’s Food Plan, the community response to the federal government’s national food plan, and one that brings together community food systems and small farmers interests.

    The premier post-APC permaculture event

    The Gathering will be the premier permaculture event post-APC11 (which was in April this year). Bringing together people working with community and school food gardens and similar initiatives around the country, the Gathering will be the place to learn and the place to share your ideas. It makes real Bill Mollison’s dictum of work with those who want to learn.

    The 5th National Gathering is your chance to join this community of practice of your colleagues whose work is making a community-based urban agriculture real and who are applying the permaculture design system to make it happen.

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