Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network

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  • December 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm
  • acfcgn_twitterCommunity gardens are places where people come together to grow fresh food, to learn, relax and make new friends.

    The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network connects community gardeners around Australia.

    The Australian Community Gardens Network is an informal, community-based organisation linking people interested in community gardening across Australia.


    The aims of the network include:

    • facilitating the formation and management of community gardens and similar social enterprise by making available information and, where possible, advice
    • promoting the benefits of community gardening and urban agriculture.


    Within the limits of its capacity, the network will:

    • advocate on behalf of community gardeners
    • provide information on the website that is adequate and accurate
    • provide presentations and advice to local government, other institutions and communities interested in establishing community gardens
    • document the development of community gardening in Australia
    • provide a list of contacts through which the public may contact community gardens.


    The network:

    • maintains this website as a source of information
    • maintains an email distribution list for notification of events and information relevant to community gardeners
    • has contacts in different states
    • is a voluntary organistion without a budget and with limited capacity to provide more than an information service
    • is an informal organisation without office holders
    • maintains no financial membership
    • relies on informal members and participants to provide information and to organise activities
    • may, in some regions, organise events.